Welcome to the Empowerment Trust of the Mohair Industry

Since 2010 the South African mohair industry has been making strides towards the development of agriculture and upliftment of emerging livestock farmers.

South Africa currently produces more than half of the world’s mohair and is also known for the exceptional quality of its mohair, as well as the sustainable and ethical way it is produced.

These accolades come with a certain amount of responsibility as the industry needs to play a pivotal role in the development and economic empowerment of black farmers. 

For the better part of a decade, the industry’s Empowerment Trust has been working tirelessly in its efforts to establish black commercial Angora goat farmers within the world’s most prolific mohair producing country. 

The aim was is to not only promote black economic empowerment but to increase the supply of this rare natural fibre – one of the most sought-after natural fibres globally.

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While the emergence of black commercial farmers is seen as a priority, the Empowerment Trust’s focus also shifts to the development of entrepreneurs and farms workers.

The constant development of small businesses and labour practices are equally as important to ensure the universal goal of the Empowerment Trust – Ukhanyisa Ikamvalethu! To a brighter future!



Empowerment Trust News

Meet our New MET partnerWatch the video below to meet Marlon de Jager and hear about this journey as an Angora Goat farmer.
First Empowerment Trust Partner is RMS CertifiedThe Mohair Empowerment Trust is committed to identifying emerging farmers and establishing them as fully commercial mohair producers. This not only promotes transformation within the industry but also contributes to South Africa’s already world-lea...
Empowerment Trust RMS Workshop FeedbackOn Monday the 7th of September 2020, The Empowerment Trust hosted a successful RMS workshop at Oom Wessel se Plaasstal, Somerset East.
Empowerment Trust partner dies tragically in car accidentWe would like to extend our deepest condolences to the families of George Saleni, and his fiancé Ziyanda Stofile, who passed away in a car accident on Monday morning.
Congratulations to our PartnersCongratulations to the following Partners who successfully completed their agreements with the Empowerment Trust. The certificates were handed over by the Chairman, Mr Mark Shire.
20 RAMS DONATION BY WIENAND FAMILYWe wish to thank the Wienand Family for their generous donation to the Empowerment Trust Partners. The Handover was attended by Empowerment Trust Partners, Empowerment Chairman, Mohair South Africa , South African Mohair Association, Landbank, Land ...

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