Angora Goat Management Plan

Angora goat farming and Mohair production is an economic activity which does not take place in a social/ethical vacuum and as such must be compliant with acceptable social and ethical norms and standards in conjunction with animal welfare and land management as set out in the Responsible Mohair Standards (RMS).


Every farm will differ in its management plan with variations in land use (pastures and veld), mating (kidding), shearing and husbandry procedures. This Management Plan is intended as a guideline only (informative, educational).  Speak to your livestock advisor, accredited shearing agents as well as your local vet when more detailed advice is required.

The welfare of the Angora goat is critical and minimising stress during management procedures on the farm will go a long way to increasing the production and improving the health of the Angora goat.


For more information on reducing stress on the farm see as well as the protocols for handling of goats as available in the Management plan set out below.


It is important to be able to do a basic health check on the Angora goat and recognise health related problems. (How to do a basic health check see

With any farm management plan the biosecurity of your farm is important in providing a disease free environment for your Angora goats. (For information on biosecurity and what it entails see

The MANAGEMENT PLAN comes with links to the SAMGA Website which has information on disease, nutrition, reproduction, drugs, vaccination, parasite control and various husbandry procedures and protocols which producers might find interesting or useful.



Click here to download a printable version of the Angora Goat Management Plan. (pdf)

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