All MET Partners RMS Certified

Thursday, 27th May 2021



With great pride, the Empowerment Trust would like to inform the industry that all ten of the Empowerment Trust Partners managed to go through the RMS auditing process and are happy to confirm that out of the ten existing projects, nine have passed, with one project currently in the process.

“I look forward to sharing more positive feedback with you in the near future.” – Mokgwamme


The RMS process has taken the MET on a journey, ensuring our farmers are committed to sustainable practices and keeping all their farming documents in order and updated. The MET continue to keep records accordingly, as well as oversee the maintenance of farm infrastructure. The aim is to supply sustainable mohair to meet the rising demand and ensure that our practices are ethical and traceable. Our farmers have been farming/involved in Angora goat farming for years and possess a great love for their goats, which is evident in the condition of their goats.


"We are looking forward to the winter season, watching our farmers selling as RMS certified producers and praying for stable prices. All the best to the South African mohair producers!” - Mokgwamme.

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