Mohair Empowerment Trust Explained


  • Contributing to the sustainable supply of South African mohair by establishing emerging farmers in financially viable Angora goat farming operations.
  • Establishing successful black entrepreneurs and participants throughout the entire mohair value chain.
  • Maintaining and expanding job opportunities for black employees within the operations of the South African mohair industry.

The principal objective of the Trust is to provide skills development, support, mentorship and assistance to previously disadvantaged and emerging farmers, with the aim of establishing and managing their own agricultural operations as set out in the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003.

The Empowerment Trust therefore has the following additional objectives:

  • To raise and receive funds from donors, local and national government, and private institutions.
  • To initiate all developed projects to be undertaken by the Trust, either on its own or jointly with third parties.
  • To administer and manage projects approved of by the trustees.

Involvement of the Empowerment Trust stretches to Producer level, Secondary level, as well as Industry Equity representation.

Empowerment at Producer level:

The goal is to assist previously disadvantaged individuals to becoming financially independent by producing quality mohair for the South African industry. This is achieved through partnerships between the mohair industry and government departments on a local and national level.
While local government is responsible for making sufficient land available, where individuals can be trained, it rests on the Department of Rural development and Agrarian Reform to make funds available for infrastructure upgrades. The mohair industry will then provide funding for mentors, dips, doses and Angora goats. The industry will also provide advice and guidance to established emerging farmers.

Empowerment at Secondary level:

The Trust will investigate opportunities for the establishment of entrepreneurial ventures within the manufacturing sector where mohair products, or goods containing mohair, are being produced. If possible, and appropriate, assistance can be given to previously disadvantaged individuals to establish enterprises within the industry, whether it be through sponsorships or skills development.

Empowerment through Industry Equity representation:

The Farm Workers’ Association forms an integral part of the Mohair South Africa chain and is represented by a director on the Mohair South Africa board.

When emerging farmers have grown and developed enough to be considered commercial Angora goat farmers they will become part of the South African Mohair Growers’ Association (SAMGA) and will be eligible to serve on the Mohair South Africa board of directors.

Small scale farmers are represented on the Mohair Trust by a single trustee. The same trustee also serves on the industry’s Empowerment Trust.

Two representatives from the National Agriculture Marketing Council (NAMC) will serve as trustees on the Empowerment Trust.

Composition of the Board of Trustees:

  • Three trustees from the Mohair Trust (including small scale representative)
  • One trustee from Mohair South Africa
  • One trustee from SAMGA
  • Two trustees from NAMC

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