Visiting the MET Legend - Oom Gielie Grobler

Thursday, 27th May 2021



On the 23rd April 2021, Empowerment Trust Manager Beauty Mokgwamme, and SAMGA Manager, Sanmarie Vermaak, took a short trip down the mohair memory lane to visit the man who started it all, Oom Gielie Grobler.


The purpose of the visit was to gain some insight into the Empowerment Trust Establishment, pre-2010, and to understand more about the Mohair Industry. “What a privilege it was to spend few hours with Oom Gielie, listening to him talk about the development of our emerging farmers and the training introduced back in 2005.” – Mokgwamme.


“Being in the presence of Oom Gielie and sharing the passion he feels so strongly today, as he reminisces about the development of the Empowerment Trust, is a moment I will cherish forever. All the work that was done in training and empowering emerging farmers truly touched my heart. His love for the industry goes beyond words, and I feel that he built a steady foundation for the Empowerment Trust to thrive from” – Mokgwamme

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