MET Intern, Sisanda, Reports on Her Visit to Geluk Farm

Wednesday, 30th June 2021


The 15th – 26th of June saw MET intern, Sisanda Makuzeni, visiting Mr Johnson Mandlendoda on Geluk Farm in Middleburg.

Sisanda has shared her report below:



The visit to Geluk farm in Middleburg over the past two weeks was delightful and a productive experience. I worked with a strong and positive team dedicated to their work; it was a great opportunity. I learned a lot, and I was given the opportunity to share my knowledge and my views.

The current total number of Angora goats is around 537. Every day, early in the morning before starting to work, we met at the boardroom for prayer and to discuss duties for the day. The Geluk team believe a farmer must be prepared every day, keep records and share feedback daily to their team.

In the morning, before moving goats to the veld, we would check the condition of the goats using the FAMACHA technique and record the data accordingly. The sick goats are left behind in the sickbay for treatment and close monitoring.

Maintaining good body score condition is important, particularly in the winter season in the Karoo. The veld is not in good condition, and providing supplementary feeding and keeping goats healthy is critical.

“I am so grateful to Geluk farm for placing me under the health section. It uncovered my passion for animal health issues. I was given more duties related to the animal’s health, and I spent most of my time working with sick animals. It was heartwarming to see improvements every morning for both sheep and goats.

Waking up early in the morning and inspecting the Angora goats was one of my best experiences ever, and it made me realise how much I love them. I enjoyed myself and made sure that I utilised the two weeks to my level best. Lastly, I am really excited to be part of the Mohair Empowerment Trust, and I’m looking forward to visiting the other partners.


Big Thanks to Geluk Team and Mr Johnson Mandlendoda!”. - Sisanda

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