First Empowerment Trust Partner is RMS Certified

Friday, 18th September 2020

The Mohair Empowerment Trust is committed to identifying emerging farmers and establishing them as fully commercial mohair producers. This not only promotes transformation within the industry but also contributes to South Africa’s already world-leading mohair production.

Part of establishing commercial producers includes ensuring they adhere to all sustainability standards. And with great pride, the Empowerment Trust congratulates Geluk Farm, near Middelburg, as the first Empowerment Partner to become RMS certified.

Lizo and Johnson Mandlendoda entered into an agreement with the Empowerment Trust and, Geluk farm received its first herd of Angora goats in February 2019. They started their process to become RMS certified in June 2020. Within a month, after completing an RMS audit on their farm, they received confirmation that their mohair can now be sold as RMS certified.

All the Empowerment Trust Partners have shown enthusiasm towards the RMS and have already started the process of becoming certified.

“We are very proud of our Empowerment partners and their willingness to participate in the RMS. Being sustainable is part of commercial farming and our partners are eager to make valuable contributions to the greater mohair industry,” said Beauty Mokgwamme, Empowerment Trust Officer.

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